Dear friends! Kibo team sincerely wishes you Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This year wasn’t easy, and despite the fact that the widespread use of blockchain technology is constrained by some unresolved issues, we managed to achieve success in many important directions for Kibo’s development in the future. Despite all the troubles, every day it becomes more obvious that the blockchain technology is the future — and we are the part of it. From the entire Kibo team, we want to wish you happiness and understanding in the new year, home warmth and success in all your…

Obtaining the license is certainly an important step in the development of Kibo as the first fully decentralized international platform for lotto games.

The license, issued by the regulator on Curacao, opens the door for Kibo’s legal interaction with players and partners in accordance with international legal norms.

Given that Kibo is an innovative platform, the algorithms of which are completely built on Ethereum smart contracts, we needed to do a lot of work in order to meet all necessary regulator requirements. …

Friends! We are pleased to announce that KIBO platform successful completed the audit of smart contracts in partnership with Hosho, a global leader in Blockchain security and smart-contract auditing.

Given that the quality of the code plays a crucial role for the stable operation of the Kibo platform, we are very pleased to receive high estimation from Hosho’s specialists, who have the reputation of the most conscientious smart contract auditors in the world.

Below we publish the summary conclusion.

We are also pleased to share full audit results, which you can download here.


«As an extension to the standard…

At the end of 2017, as a gratitude to all our partners, we implemented the distributing plan among all holders of Kibo tokens.

At the same time we described in detail all the problems of the Ethereum network and how these problems restrain the launch of the platform and other projects in all blockchain industry. After that we immediately started working on the optimization of our contracts in order to reduce the cost of all operations within Kibo contracts

Today we are pleased to announce that after several months of hard work we successfully completed the code refactoring and implemented…

In August, on the official Kibo blog, we published detailed report, in which we summarized the results of all the work done. We shared our plans for the near future and told about what unsolved issues in Ethereum technology today are constraints to the Kibo launch and to many other projects based on Ethereum smart contracts.

Undoubtedly, KIBO has a huge potential to make a significant impact on the lotto industry, bringing a new user experience on a global scale, but the blockchain technology, which is the foundation of the platform, is still in the era of development, which significantly…

Having presented the concept of the decentralised Kibo gaming platform a bit more than a year ago, we have become the first project in the world in the sphere of gaming industry that announced a decision of making Ethereum smart contracts technology a basis for all gaming processes. It was obvious that the task that we had set for ourselves would require many solutions which none of us had ever faced before. Nevertheless, our team’s previous experience and a huge potential that we saw in Kibo made us understand and be sure that we had had everything to realise the…

We would like to thank all the partners who participated in the test and those who simply support us throughout the work on Kibo. We sincerely believe that only through joint efforts we can create a quality product and prepare it for a powerful start on the international arena. Thousands of partners supporting the idea of Kibo around the world are the main force that will certainly make Kibo Platform the first truly global gaming platform based on Ethereum smart contracts.

Today we are completing testing; during three stages almost 1000 people took part in it.

We didn’t find any…

Over the past month, we have successfully completed 2 stages of testing. Due to the active support and recommendations from platform owners, we were able to refine and implement several additional functions and fix the errors that were detected as a result of the first test. Also, optimization of partner’s and gaming interface was made and important changes were made in the contract, which made it possible to make financial transactions of each partner even more convenient and safer.

Today, July 24, we are pleased to announce the launch of the final 3rd testing phase, which will be attended by…

We came up with the idea of Kibo a year ago. We have set quite an ambitious goal to create the first globally unified decentralised platform where thousands of lottery affiliates can be drawn from around the world to start and develop their business. The platform that will forever change the rules of drawings and open up a whole new level of transparency and acceptability of the most popular social entertainment game in the world. We have progressed quite well towards this goal. Today, we can proudly announce that the Kibo platform has been launched in the test net Ropsten.

During last months, everyone in the KIBO team was focused on completion of all necessary works and preparation of the platform for start.

Today we are glad to announce that we are ready to proceed to the next stage — launch of the KIBO beta version in the test net Ropsten. Ropsten is designed for deployment of the contracts and their testing in the conditions to the fullest degree simulating the real work in the net Ethereum prior to their placement in the operating blockchain.

Aim of the KIBO’s launch in Testnet. To check main functionality of the platform and…

KIBO Platform

The first decentralized gaming platform based on Ethereum smart contracts.

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