Kibo Platforms’ beta version be launched in beginning of May.

Five months have passed since we finished the ICO of KIBO. During all this time we have been focusing on solving major engineering issues. If we leave aside our website upgrade and launch of the new Partners Support Centre, which started its work at the end of March, we have been briefly informing our investors by giving them only general information on the business progress.

Despite this fact, we managed to do quite a lot and today, we are only in few steps away from launching the beta version of the KIBO Platform.

In this message we would like to tell you a bit more about our further events that await us within next few months, and to share some details of the upcoming release.

According to the road map, published in October, it was planned that our works will be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2017.

Despite the fact that within all those months we worked really hard to launch the beta version of the KIBO Platform in the beginning of April, we still need some more time to accomplish the work and to make sure that we are ready to move to the next stage.

We prefer not to announce the exact date of the beta’s launch unless we are absolutely sure that nothing will prevent us from meeting the timeline. Therefore, on the 27th of April, we will publish the detailed information on the conditions and date of the beta version’s launch. Although, the approximate beta’s launch is in the beginning of May.

Below we would like to uncover some details and the plan of the upcoming release.

In fact, the Beta KIBO is a fully accomplished release of the platform.

The first version of KIBO offers four types of lottery including several options like daily, weekly, and instant drawings having the embedded system of a daily bonus ticket for each player. However, since the Ethereum network still has the unresolved problem of scalability, several limitations of gas in a block and the number of processable transactions, we are unable to make KIBO available for everyone.

Therefore, the beta version of the KIBO Platform will be available only for a limited number of users. Moreover, conditions of the platform regular functioning and promo actions will differ from those at the launch stage of the open version of KIBO. The funds collected during the ICO and designed to make the prize money will be only partially used in the beta version.

The first difference concerns the sum of prize money, the ticket cost as well as an opportunity to involve more players in the game.

Nevertheless, even the beta version will let the user fully enjoy advantages of the KIBO Lotto Platform, such as participation in free daily drawings.

The Platform will be launched in stages.

Prior to the platform operation in the real net, the final closed testing will be held in Testnet, in which a hundred of partners will be able to participate.

Prior to the start in Testnet, each investor will be sent an invitation describing the terms and rules. After collecting all the applications, we will randomly define the test’s participants, who will be sent a registration invitation. The test is aimed at defining the unexpected problems and possible flaws prior to the platform’s launch in the real net. We believe that during this stage you will give us the useful recommendations and feedback, allowing us to be sure that we are ready for the platform’s launch both in terms of engineering and the user interface. On the 27th of April, we will publish the details of this stage together with the commencement date of testing.

Having completed the works in Testnet, we will be ready to launch the beta version in Mainnet. Exchange of gas in a block is an essential condition for making this stage possible. As we have told previously, to upload the KIBO contract to the real net, the gas limit exceeding 4.7 million is required. At present, despite the Ethereum has fully restored its position after DDOS attacks in October 2016, the gas limit is still 4 million, which is insufficient for KIBO. Observing rapid development of the net during last few months, it can be said that this issue will be resolved in the nearest future and will not affect our plans.

Prior to the beginning of every stage we are going to publish a detailed description of each following step.

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In the end, we would like to thank our followers for support and trust.

We do believe in the KIBO’s prosperous future and happy to acknowledge that more than six thousand people all over the world are inspired by this idea with us!

Sincerely, KIBO Team