Kibo smart contracts successfully passed the audit!

Friends! We are pleased to announce that KIBO platform successful completed the audit of smart contracts in partnership with Hosho, a global leader in Blockchain security and smart-contract auditing.

Given that the quality of the code plays a crucial role for the stable operation of the Kibo platform, we are very pleased to receive high estimation from Hosho’s specialists, who have the reputation of the most conscientious smart contract auditors in the world.

Below we publish the summary conclusion.

We are also pleased to share full audit results, which you can download here.


«As an extension to the standard Hosho audit, the KiboNetwork (Kibo) team has requested that the Hosho team provide an assessment on the style, design, code quality, and other general code topics to better provide insight to the state and status of the Kibo code base. As these contracts constitute a fairly complex system, the Hosho team relied on extensive experience with software development, along with good theoretical code designs to help provide the report that follows.

The Hosho team has now worked extensively with the Kibo code base in order to ensure the functionality of the contract under normal, and abnormal operating circumstances. As part of this, the Hosho team has spent a large amount of time analyzing and reviewing the code base with our entire development team.

Throughout this experience, the Hosho team was pleased to discover that the contracts are well thought out and soundly implemented, with considerations
 taken for security and reporting.»

During the audit, several uncritical errors were identified that were noted and corrected in accordance with the recommendations received.

Complete report from Hosho can be found here.

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