New KiboPlatform support center

Kibo team strives to provide each partner with the best conditions for managing its platform at all upcoming stages.

The technical support center plays an important role in solving this task. In order to correspond to our development we have expanded and reconstructed our support service.

Beginning from today an updated technicalsupport center has become available in thebackoffice of KiboPlatform. Simple and intuitive navigation helps to quickly find answers to any questions with the help of a search box and topic sections. The knowledge base already contains answers to the most frequently asked questions. Beginning from today all sections will be constantly complemented with answers to the questions most frequently asked the investors and partners of Kibo.

Undoubtedly, it will avoid the necessity for directing further inquiries to the support service, which will considerably cut the time necessary to solve any emerging problem.


Another important update is activation of the function of password recovery using a reserve phrase.

A reserve phrase consisting of 12 words can be used for the recovery of access to your funds. Now, if you lose your financial password, you may use the recovery function right in your backoffice.

Just enter Settings and select tab of the security center. Find button Recover Password Using a Reserve Phrase on the left in the list of settings. And follow a simple step-by- step instruction.


On the threshold of startup of a beta-version, Kibo team would like to once again draw your attention to the importance of activating a function Getting News by SMS.

By activating it in your account, you will be timely informed about all details and conditions of the startup planned for the nearest future.

You can know more about the function Getting News by SMS in our blog: notification-service-a68c55139caf#.en517brwl

More detailed information about the next stagesof Kibo will be available during the next weeks.

Stay with us and stay tuned using our official resources.

Best regards,

Kibo team