RNG audit and contract refactoring

At the end of 2017, as a gratitude to all our partners, we implemented the distributing plan among all holders of Kibo tokens.

At the same time we described in detail all the problems of the Ethereum network and how these problems restrain the launch of the platform and other projects in all blockchain industry. After that we immediately started working on the optimization of our contracts in order to reduce the cost of all operations within Kibo contracts

Today we are pleased to announce that after several months of hard work we successfully completed the code refactoring and implemented a new concept that significantly reduced transaction costs and prepared the platform for the acceptance of a large number of users.

In recent months, our team has done a lot of work, including backend and frontend side, in order to ensure a smooth launch of the lottery and withstand planned high loads.

Here are just the main system upgrades:

  • Implemented MicroService architecture, that isolates different functional parts of the system, simplifying support, debugging and code deployment;
  • Used Clickhouse to create analytics, that allows to build reports of client and partner bonuses for tens of millions of tickets purchased;
  • Deployed infrastructure in Docker containers, that makes it easy to expand and maintain the project;
  • Refactored the frontend using react + mobx, that increased the speed and reliability of the work. Now the code is much easier to maintain and expand.

All this allows to withstand heavy loads and provide a quick “live” interface for a dynamic game.

In terms of contracts, we managed to cut gas costs for ticket purchases by an average of three times, for which we conducted a global refactoring of the code. Also, we used the OpenZepellin library to improve overall code security and wrote an additional set of tests for contracts.

Earlier this week, we started an audit, which will approximately last about 5–6 weeks. And in case of not revealing any serious mistakes, we will fully complete the work of implementing the new concept approximately by the second half of June.

Together with active work on the project, we closely follow the development of alternative solutions. In the coming months, the whole industry expects the release of several blockchain platforms, which, according to preliminary estimates, will be able to meet the bandwidth requirements for launching Kibo Lotto. This gives us hope for a full-fledged launch of the platform.

As soon as we can be sure that any of these platforms can offer the necessary infrastructure and corresponds to the withered indicators, we will immediately inform about our actions regarding the possible application of these platforms by our community.

We see significant progress on this issue and expect that the second half of 2018 will be the time of real solutions to scalability issues, which is so important for all projects based on blockchain technology.

Kibo Generator Audit

In addition to technical implementation, other issues are no less important. Now we are working closely to obtain licenses in several jurisdictions, regulators of which have already announced a plan for an implementation of a national strategy to support blockchain projects and are in the process of launching an appropriate regulatory framework.

In this regard, another important news is that, within the framework of this work, we have successfully audited the Random Number Generator which underlies Kibo Lotto games.

Obtaining a certificate is really important: it not only significantly advanced us in the question of obtaining a license, but it is also one of the most important solutions for all future users of the platform!

Kibo Lotto strives to radically change the drawing process, by bringing to the gaming industry 100% transparent game processes, based on the blockchain technology. This, of course, is one of the most important advantages over old generation lotteries.

Now transparency and fairness of all Kibo drawings have been confirmed by an independent auditor — the Trisigma company.

Trisigma is an accredited testing laboratory specializing in software testing and certification in the gaming industry for full compliance with government requirements.

The results of the audit can be found by following the link on our website.

Regarding the question of licensing, although the specificity of Kibo brings significant features to the procedure for obtaining a license, we have reasons to believe that in the coming months we will be able to meet all the necessary requirements in order to successfully complete this work.

Now our entire team is focused on laying a solid foundation for the future global start and development of Kibo, with the goal of bringing the best user experience to the world industry.

We will continue to keep you informed of developments and report on all the results achieved in our official media. Subscribe to our official channels on Twitter and join our groups in Telegram!

Kibo team