Kibo Lotto launched in Ethereum testnet

We came up with the idea of Kibo a year ago. We have set quite an ambitious goal to create the first globally unified decentralised platform where thousands of lottery affiliates can be drawn from around the world to start and develop their business. The platform that will forever change the rules of drawings and open up a whole new level of transparency and acceptability of the most popular social entertainment game in the world. We have progressed quite well towards this goal. Today, we can proudly announce that the Kibo platform has been launched in the test net Ropsten.

In this post, we would like to fill you in on how the testing will be performed and which tasks we have set for the nearest weeks to come.

First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in participation in the beta-testing. From April 28 to May 10 we received over 2000 applications for participation in the closed testing from our partners, which proves once again that those who joined us at the ICO stage are really supportive and eager to take part in the platform development. We really appreciate your support.

As we wrote in our previous letter, the number of partners that will get access to testing has been significantly limited and broken into three stages, with participants joining stage by stage:

  • The First group — 40 people;
  • Second group — 80 people;
  • Third group — 300 people.

The access to the platform will be distributed among the users according to time periods. Prior to beginning of each new stage, we will be mailing invitations to some selected users with a detailed step-by-step instruction for the test pass.

The registration date for each new group will depend on the results of the testing and the number of errors detected at each stage. We are planning to complete all works in Testnet within 3–4 weeks.

Please, don’t get upset if you haven’t received the invitation for the testing. Throughout the whole period of the platform operation in the test net, we will be keeping you up-to-date with the ongoings and progress of works.

The testing platform Kibo is already open for access, and those who have not received the invitation will be able to observe the transactions carried out in the contract for each purchased ticket following this link:

We thank you once again for the interest that you have shown in the platform testing and we are hoping for your active participation in this process. We are convinced that it is only through joint efforts that we will be able to create a high-quality product and get it ready for a flying start on a global scale. It is thousands of our partners supporting the Kibo project all around the world that form the main driving force which beyond doubt is bound to make Kibo the first genuinely global game platform based on Ethereum smart contracts.

Kibo Team.