The final stage of Kibo Testnet was successfully completed!

We would like to thank all the partners who participated in the test and those who simply support us throughout the work on Kibo. We sincerely believe that only through joint efforts we can create a quality product and prepare it for a powerful start on the international arena. Thousands of partners supporting the idea of Kibo around the world are the main force that will certainly make Kibo Platform the first truly global gaming platform based on Ethereum smart contracts.

Today we are completing testing; during three stages almost 1000 people took part in it.

We didn’t find any serious errors in the contract work during the final phase, which means that we almost completed the main part of the development and almost completely ready for KIBO’s first release. However, we were able to identify a few shortcomings that require improvement on the front-end and the back-end, and the need to create detailed video instructions for the first activation of partner platforms.

In the coming weeks, we plan to focus on solving these and other tasks, including refining the version for tablets and mobile devices, and also translation user interface to the languages that are planned to be on Kibo launch.

*Tentatively we plan to complete all these works by the end of August, after that we will have finished version ready for the first release.

Also at the end of August, after the completion of all the works, we will publish a further step-by-step plan for the development of the platform, including the possible launch dates for Kibo, which will directly depend on the current state of the network.

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Sincerely, Kibo Team.