We are delighted to inform you that on the 12th of May the KIBO platform will start its operation in the test net.

During last months, everyone in the KIBO team was focused on completion of all necessary works and preparation of the platform for start.

Today we are glad to announce that we are ready to proceed to the next stage — launch of the KIBO beta version in the test net Ropsten. Ropsten is designed for deployment of the contracts and their testing in the conditions to the fullest degree simulating the real work in the net Ethereum prior to their placement in the operating blockchain.

Aim of the KIBO’s launch in Testnet. To check main functionality of the platform and behavior of the real users there prior to the platform’s transition to the Ethereum mainnet.

How will be the test conducted?

Unfortunately, at the moment of the Testnet launch we cannot provide the access to a great number of users, as it will impede the communication processes and establishment of high quality feedback. Since at this stage some mistakes of various kinds are possible, and they will be eliminated during next few weeks, the access to this version will be limited by 100 partners with possible stepwise expansion up to 400 game accounts.

Everyone who will take part in the testing will have an opportunity to check full functionality of the platform prior to its official launch in the real net, namely, registration of users, activation of promo, purchase of paid tickets, check-up of transaction history, and all support functionality.

No opportunity to receive payments in the real ETH will be available in the KIBO Testnet. Considering the above, in case you are not ready to take part in the full-range testing passing through all user scenarios, please, do not submit your application for participation in the test. The reason is that you will not be able to be helpful to the fullest extent and it will impede completion of this stage for us.

Bounty Program

Everyone who will take part in the test and will send us the completed form with detailed description of recommendations and indication of the errors, which emerged while passing the subsֹ test, will receive 50 USD in ETH at the exchange rate at the moment of charging.

This small compliment from the team will be charged to the account in your office upon completion of the test.

Operating Procedure.

Until the 9th of May we will accept applications for participation in the test.

You can submit your application only from your office by moving to the support center where in the top panel you will find the section “Send Application for Testing”. Please, fill in the form, write down your nick, and e-mail address, which you used for registration at the KIBO platform.

Upon completion of the application receipt, we will randomly select 100 partners and will send them by e-mail the invitations for participation.

Testnet will start on the 12th of May.

Each invitation to the KIBO Testnet will contain the following information:

  • Link and individual password to enter the beta version.
  • Stepwise detailed instructions and scenarios for test completion.
  • Link to the specially created slack channel to communicate during the testing.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that each invitation is designed for personal use only without possibility to give the password to anybody else. In case of violation of this condition, the access to testing will be closed and you will not be able to proceed with the test.

Please, do not get upset if you do not receive invitation for participation.

We hope that this stage will not take longer that 2–3 weeks and as far as all works in the Testnet will be completed, we will go forward. The next step will be launch of the KIBO beta in the real net when all partners will obtain access to the platform together with several thousands of other users who will be the first to discover the world of the amazing KIBO games.