Here is what I’ve found out working with Xamarin past 7 months.


You need 3 open IDEs to work efficiently. Visual studio mac is the worst! Debugging sucks. Logging sucks. Compile time is inherently longer. App-Size scales terrible. Horrible design decision to force the app-developer to maintain the solution file. The Xamarin community leaves to be desired. Outdated dependencies, in general the dependency management is unreliable and crap. Lots of unnecessary code just to access android sdk / dependency features.


  • doesn’t show correct StackTraces, particularly no external java dependencies
  • has trouble debugging threads
  • detaches almost always debugger after…

In case you run into the dreaded SSLHandshakeException Trust anchor for certification path not found.

There are the following possible causes

1. The CA that issued the server certificate was unknown
2. The server certificate wasn’t signed by a CA, but was self signed
3. The server configuration is missing an intermediate CA

For troubleshooting run

where we can see that there is a self signed certificate in certificate chain

depth=3 C = DE, O = T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH, OU = T-Systems Trust Center, CN = T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2 verify error:num=19:self signed certificate in…

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Native Android & Unity3D VR/AR Developer and Technocrat

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