Medium Moda: Rodarte FW16

Nasty Girl

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Kate and Laura Mulleavy—media-shy sister-act behind L.A.-based collection Rodarte— unapologetically continued the brand’s divisive exploration of the-good-side-of-gaudy for FW16. This means you’re either gonna love or hate the gasoline-dipped-layer-cake aesthetic of this season’s assortment, as it gets fearlessly twisted and turned into the brand’s no-explanations-offered, frock parade. This “pretty mess” sensibility is often deemed “Elizabethan” in reference, but this writer’s eye sees far more queues from Raunch-Rock-and-Blues 80's femme-trios like the Klymaxx, The Mary Jane Girls, and Vanity 6. In this sartorial naughty playland, under-and-inner-wear step out, leather and lace jello-wrestle, and the right patterned hosiery can define a complete-and-total-look. Yep, there’s a smirk on her berry-stained lips, as the Nasty Girl playfully vamps, slapping the wandering hand of Prince, Morris Day, or Cameo’s Larry Blackmon as one or all three coerce her to do something “freaky”. To their credit, Kate and Laura did rich Miss Thing up a bit via nods to art nouveau (those vine like shoes, snaking up models’ legs) and the sensually decadent territory of London’s Biba. That said, tamed she would not be, as evidenced by her raucously explosive furs, doing their damnedest to confirm her beastly nature. No the collection was by-no-means for everybody, but the young and unerringly cool like Hari Nef or Solange Knowles (at Mardi Gras?) would certainly do these looks proud. Not that they, or our “Nasty Girl” will be waiting around for our (or anybody’s) approval. -Kibwe Chase-Marshall

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