The hot mess that is the Lipa na Mpesa UX
Kirui K. Kennedy

The user experience on Lipa na M-Pesa is pretty much unchanged from the time M-Pesa was launched which calls for a re-design and a complete overhaul now that Safaricom has had a lot of learnings on its usage and the pain points. At the very least Safaricom should have at least 3 other channels for the M-Pesa service. In addition to the existing sim toolkit, they should be on mobile, web and card.

Safaricom has been trying to improve the UX but they’ve barely scratched the surface. Recently they launched the ‘Hakikisha’ feature that allows you to confirm the recipient before completing a transaction. However, this is not available on Lipa na Mpesa Buy Goods and Services. Still, too many users end up keying in the wrong till number resulting in unnecessary support overhead costs dealing with transaction reversals.

By the way, your portrayal of the steps it takes to make a Lipa na Mpesa payment is nowhere near typical. The real thing is about half the steps you outlaid.

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