The detailed roadmap

When we got together to develop a Cardano-based Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) launchpad and project accelerator, we set out to create a platform to become a new standard for blockchain-based crowdfunding. As expected, it has been both a fulfilling and challenging venture.

However, the last few months have been fantastic for our team. We are receiving great feedback from the community and had a heavily oversubscribed private sale that captured the attention of both retail and institutional investors and greatly reinforced our motivation to uncover the KICK.IO Launchpad.

As we prepare to kick off our public sale at ExMarkets, we now take a moment to have a closer look at our project’s detailed roadmap. A schedule for the continued expansion of the platform by balancing the critical task of making KICK.IO known and our goal of producing a groundbreaking project accelerator.


In our first Quarter, the main focus was introducing KICK.IO, minting $KICK, the Cardano Native Token that will power our platform, and setting the stage for the start of our fundraising phase through private and public sales.

So far, we’ve received very encouraging support throughout the private sale that set the tone for public rounds and the launch of the centralized version of our Launchpad.

  • Project Kick-off
  • Extensive Marketing Campaign
  • Cardano Native Token Minting
  • Fundraising Phase
  • Token Listing on Exchanges
  • Centralized version Launch (Early Revenue Stream)


The last Quarter of 2021 comes with the promise of significant development for the entire Cardano Ecosystem. The announcement of a September release date for the “Alonzo” upgrade, which will enable smart-contract functionalities, pushed $ADA to its highest prices since May and placed Cardano in the position to defy Ethereum as the still uncontested leader of smart-contract blockchains.

As such, KICK.IO Launchpad is getting ready to become the go-to place for cryptocurrency users looking to invest in crowdfunding events in the Cardano Blockchain, and we’ve scheduled the Decentralization of the Launchpad and the deployment of our Project Endorsement Engine for before the end of the year.

  • Cardano Smart Contracts Release
  • Decentralization of the Launchpad
  • Project Endorsement Engine Deployment


In 2022, we will shift our primary focus towards developing and deploying the platform’s core functions. Our goal is to steadily strengthen KICK.IO and expand our community by introducing new features and hosting high-quality IDOs on our platform.

Q1 and Q2

During the first half of the year, we will engage in the unfolding of Cross-chain capabilities for our Launchpad, leading with the development of interoperability bridges with the ERC20 and BSC networks. Additionally, we will unveil staking mechanisms to reward token holders and create added value for $KICK and the KICK.IO Launchpad.

  • Cross Chain Support
  • Implementation of ERC20, BSC bridges.
  • Staking Engine Development
  • Cardano Light Version DEX Development

Q3 and Q4

In the two last Quarters of 2022, the KICK.IO team will enter the final stages of supplementary features development, working towards enhancing the platform and improving user experience.

Moreover, we will finally reach the deployment stage for the Cardano Light Version DEX, a solution that will, together with the broadening of wallet support, heavily empower the KICK.IO platform and $KICK token.

  • Addition of multiple wallets support
  • Cardano Light Version DEX Launch
  • Additional features


Founded by a team of DeFi and traditional finance professionals,KICK.IO is the first Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) launchpad and project accelerator to take full advantage of the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem. $KICK supports projects launched on the Cardano blockchain and offers full support for Cardano native tokens.

We focus heavily on the decentralization ethos that is so tightly upheld by the majority of the cryptocurrency community, ensuring that the funds raised on our platform are directly sent to the project founders and that the tokens generated are distributed to holders in the same fashion.

KICK.IO ensures you have access to the best projects, with the best timing, allowing for higher potential returns.

To learn more about KICK.IO visit our Website and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Telegram, Announcement channel, and Medium. The project is currently in the private sale stage and inquiries can be sent here.



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KICK.IO a Cardano-based fundraising platform created to leverage DeFi innovations to provide transparent, efficient, fully decentralized crowdfunding services.