How to Participate in the KickCity Token Pre-Sale

This instruction assumes that you have your own token compatible Ethereum Wallet with ETH in it (if don’t — click here). We will use MyEtherWallet as example. We also strongly recommend you to use Google Chrome. Exchanges wallets are NOT compatible — do not set ether from them, or you’ll just lose it. To see list of compatible wallets, follow this link.

Step 1 — Open your account

Go to, at the top of the page, select “Send Ether and Tokens”. Unlock your account with your keystore file or private key.

Step 2 — Obtain the address

In another tab, open Remember, it is the ONLY trusted source for KickCity Crowdsale smart contract address. Agree with our rules and obtain the address. It must start with “0x”.

Step 3 — Send Ether

Return back to MyEtherWallet and fill in data

Return back to MyEtherWallet and fill in data.

Important notes:

  • Recommended gas limit is 200,000. Smart contract execution will spend around 100,000 gas. Default limit of 21,000 is too low, and if you set too small limit, your transaction will be rejected (but you’ll get refunded).
  • Recommended gas price is 30 Gwei. You can use default value of 21 Gwei, but transaction would go slower. To avoid abuse, we set maximum gas price to 50 Gwei, and if you’ll go above this number, your transaction will be rejected. You can learn more about what gas price and gas limit are here.
  • Double-check the pasted contract address. Use address only from
  • Minimal contribution from 1 person is 0.003 ETH. If you send less, your transaction will be rejected. We have no maximum contribution.

If everything is correct, hit “Generate transaction” -> Send -> Yes.

You can copy TxHash to follow the progress of transaction at :

Paste TxHash into the search box.

Step 4 — Add tokens to wallet (Optional)

Once transaction is mined, you instantly get your KickCity tokens — you are able to see them on the Etherscan. However, you might also want to see your balance in MyEtherWallet.

Go to View Wallet Info, unlock account as in step one, scroll down the page, select “Add Custom Token”.


  • Token’s address — 0x9d22c3bf2b51213a3572e865ecf78fab0294e75b (ATTENTION! Do not send ETH there. It’s a token address, not the smart contract)
  • Symbol — KCY
  • Decimals — 18

Hit save. Congratulations! And thank you very much for participating.


  • My transaction got rejected, I have lost my funds?
    No, you’ll be refunded. But you’ll be charged for gas spent on transaction execution — usually it’s small amount (like $0.5).
  • Error encountered during contract execution: Out of gas.
    Check your gas limit, it’s too low.
  • Error encountered during contract execution: Bad instruction.
    You’ve violated one of the contract’s assertions. Maybe you have set gas price too high, sending too little Ether, or trying to participate before start or after end of the crowdsale.
  • Can’t add token to Custom Tokens at
    Common mistake is to using crowdsale address instead of token address — they are two different addresses, one on which you send ether, the other is address of the token which you should use to check balance. Also, try to delete token from watch list and add once again. This won’t affect your funds.