KickCity Joins a Blockchain-focused Accelerator in Silicon Valley, California.

The BRIIA Accelerator believes that category leaders capture more than 70% of market economics. They discover and empower high-growth & early stage AI & blockchain companies become category kings. Located in the East bay, BRIIA is part of the Tri-valley association. Past graduates of the accelerator have raised an average of 900k in investment after completing the 12-week program. BRIIA adopts an approach that de-risks investment in companies, thereby producing companies worth investing in. The current cohort can be found here.

Workshop at BRIIA by Kevin Maney (Author) Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets

Being part of BRIIA has been very beneficial to the company. At the time of writing this article, we have just completed the first 2 weeks of the program and we are very convinced that KickCity is a category king. KickCity is an event influencer community powered by blockchain. We believe in the decentralization of value. That is why we’ve developed a solution that rewards people with crytpo to share events with friends and followers. Users can redeem tickets to different events using the earned tokens, gain access to exclusive events, get tickets at discounted prices and maybe exchange these tokens. This solution reduces event marketing budget by turning attendees into an army of marketers and saves the event organizer time, money and energy. The KickCity platform does everything Eventbrite does and much more. Imagine Eventbrite on steroids — That is KickCity. The event influencer ecosystem.

Kevin and Gideon (KickCity founder) after category design workshop at BRIIA

During the active beta testing of the platform. KickCity was mention on Forbes as 1 of the real examples of Blockchain Technology in practice. We are a mass adoption focused company. That is why we have designed our platform in the most innovative and intuitive way to allow an average Joe start earning tokens without going through the stress of creating wallets — the platform automates that process.

September will be a very important month for the company as we roll out important feature of the platform and officially start our journey towards mass adoption.

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