“We help men eat on the moon” — KickCity

The search for blockchain killer DAPP that will drive mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and daily use of tokens in economic activities, remains the pain of the industry.

The answer is right in front of us. Historically, Bitcoin took off because of the strong incentive based economic design as buttressed by the founder of Ethereum.

“The sort of big memetic contribution that Satoshi made is the fact that he’s treated cryptographic protocols as being economic protocols, where the economics is not just an afterthought, the incentives are a fundamental building-layer of the entire system”. — Vitalik Buterin

You (probably) and most crypto/blockchain enthusiasts that you know, got in and remained in the space because we found a new opportunity to gain more value ( money, knowlwdege etc).

What if we extend this same line of thought to the masses. Untill we create crypto-value gains that are connected to normal lifestyle, mass adoption will remain a myth.

Infrastructure projects ( better Ethereum as they call it ), won’t solve this problem. We send emails everyday, not html, javascript or C++. It’s time we started to focus on DAPPs that people can use on a daily basis with a sound incentivized token economics. The future is here and the winner takes it all.

At KickCity, we help event organizers and companies increase sales by at least 10x while incentivizing the crowd to share events with their network. We love to say, “we are helping men eat on the moon” — we incentivize people to do more of what they already do (attending events with friends ). We are doing this because we believe that Internet 3.0 = Internet of value. 
KickCity is bringing about the fastest decentralization of value built on incentives. Based on the results of our successes, we were mentioned on Forbes.

Why events? People attend events in groups. An incentivized community is a force to reckon with. We believe that events will give us the fastest adoption. Imagine a concert with Drake, where all his fans get incentivized.

Replicate the same in e-commerce, then build a shared revenue-value protocol for google adds.

Lets help men eat on the Moon!