KICK HOUSE is now a reality in Bangladesh

Once upon a digital time in Bangladesh, one citizen believed in the freedom of money and started researching and discovering cryptocurrencies market.

The excitement of the industry turned Abu Bakkar Siddik into a Bounty Hunter. He was eager to dive into the cryptocurrency market, learning by the minute.

As a Bounty Hunter, Abu Bakkar Siddik did marketing for various ICO projects. Around November he discovered KICKICO project, and according to him fell in love with it.

‘KICKICO was one of the most promising offers’

Without any hesitations, Abu Bakkar Siddik readily did some marketing activities for the project and received a good bonus from the KICKICO Team.

‘KICKICO was rebuilding my forum career, as well as a personal life’

Abu Bakkar Siddik became a big fan and a supporter of the project. Since then, he decided to have a KICKICO logo in printed on as many objects as he could possibly do.

He was convinced to have a house full of KICKICO logo and design. What’s more, Abu has done his entire house desire in KICKICO logos, which he then referred to as:

“My dream house that is “KICKHOUSE”

This is incredible, and the story amused the KICKICO Team. We believe in social good, hence we do what we do.

Abu Bakkar Siddik is an amazing example, on how cryptocurrencies are truly global and change the world for the better.

Currently, he is doing additional welfare work in his hometown, by giving out clothes and other.

And do not forget, that we have lots of news on KICKICO and WHIRL, the synergies of the two projects and how they together represent the whole ecosystem!

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Do good and have a great week!


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