I thank you for writing all of this out, and I find it fascinating and your insights to be really…
Crystal Leeno

Again, so much condescension, Well my first draft was kinda long, and addressed all your misrepresentations. but I noticed you don’t really wanna reach out, you wanna play the good person.

So, here’s my story so you see who you have just been talking down to. I am a branding expert, online marketer and copywriter. I’ve done consultancy, broke 2 multimillion dollar campaigns last year and now am cruising along with passion-work. Currently expanding out into photography, because it’s more fun and fulfilling.

I am currently earning a cool 6 figures by doing editorials for fashion magazines. (hence the alter-ego under which I write my conservative-anarchistic views) I am a success story. I am the winner of globalism, because I am technically a immigrant and I can’t spell for shit, but I still get to take “american jobs”.

I am globalism. I know how damaging it is. I know how you work as a writer, and I respect you greatly from a creative POV, but I alos see your ignorance when it comes to business. You are seen as pretentious and expensive by magazine execs and I know how the industry uses diversity to hire cheaper labor. You are being reduced to work bellow your creative worth by the same forces you promote. I also know the back end of globalism

I know what foreign capital does to poor markets. How it steals or locks up local resources, capital opportunities and now, in the “gig economy” local talent. The poor parts of the world are very quickly turning into the middle america of the world. And the middle class of america is pushed into being the world’s middle class.

But you can’t see that can you? no, you get your world news info from outrage media and Mark Z. that push for a united world, not realising that in a united world is not a better world, it’s just this shity corporatist deal you have over there but for everyone, no choice, no borders, no differences. Your one world is that of unbridled and uncontrolled corporatism.

I actually like the Economist, the national review and the atlantic, really good writers. (or at least they were 4 years ago for the Economist, damn globalists :) ) But are they objective if they scream bloody murder at Trumps administration while glancing over the fact that intelligence services listen in on the conversations of the inner circle of the president and then leak it to the media?

You really don’t get it do you? We are the enlightened ones. We see both the (fake) news and the facts. You don’t.

please go back to the original data of the study that gave you that bullshit self aggrandizing description of the urban democrat(the republicans are to dumb to work in academia - study). Look at the data, not the interpretation. The data shows that urban democrats are actually alienated and lack confidence in their social environment. They are hooked on stimulus and novelty but at the same time insecure and aversive to divergent values. The dichotomy is between individualists values and social values. Ironically in your pursuit of the greater society, you crushed a great society, where people trusted and relied on one another. And for what, because we where thousands of small societies instead of one big one?

EDIT: I’m sorry for being harsh. I know that now I am the power and I should stop being defensive, in that way I was no better than Trump and his electorate measuring contest. You made an offer and I accept. I want us to work together, but I am not the one standing in your way. The infotainment industry is, the DNC is. As long as you gorge on outrage and argue in the name of corrupt politicians I can not stand by your side.

The average voter will not stand with you. The 80% that do not want Clinton in the white house will not do anything and without them, you are just a radical, a useful idiot for power structures to measure the temperature of the opposition, pardon my french. We are with you, in spirit, in values, in principle. We have a common platform that is still, for the most part ungarded and unfilltered. We can move millions without any lights flickering in the Ministry of Truth.

Just let go of your idols and your ideology. Let’s build a better tomorrow, but a tomorrow for all, black, christian, feminists, muslims, douchebags, cucks and gym bros. Where there is no moral police, where there is no shame for your ancestry, skin color, sex organs or sexual behavior. Where we are all the people, the anons and we collectively target Them, the voices, the ones that have names, that have power, the institutionals. Remember your anarchist roots anon. Remember when you wanted to dismantle the power instead of using it anon. Look at them all, they are all naked, not only the orange buffoon that is doing the helicopter dick. They have nothing without your allegiance brother. Laugh with me, laugh until the absurdity washes away all the bitterness.

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