I think Basic Income would put choice back in the hands of the poor, and that’s essential.
Sara Bizarro

Agree but is there a choice when using food stamps?

How about low income housing and rents?

Think of it like the education inflation. Credit options for students increased choice and availability, but the market of education became a market for degrees. In real terms the degree just got cheaper in value, and lost the social mobility it used to create.

Access =/= utility. Offering opportunity and access will just increase demand that will create ever lower quality cheaper options.

Access does not create utility, benefits. The reason you can see that as being a criminal option when it comes to health is because you understand that having money for a garage mob doctor is nowhere near healthcare. Same goes for food, housing, education or any basic needs industry.

Trust me, I come from a former communist country that had no unemployment and a 97% housing ownership rate in the year I was born. People overturned that government soon after.

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