A Letter To My Daughter
Oreoluwa Fakorede

As one of those boys, I think you should not view relationships with the fragility of a teenager. Boys, girls, people love, lose, get betrayed.

We shy away from new chances at love, learn to trust again, smile and love.

We disappoint, we fall out of love, we lust , we betray, we hurt. We let go. We stop trying. We fall in love with another.

We want better for ourselves, we are selfish, we push and force our partner into our distorted relationship goals. We resent and we punish.

We forget about the human by our side and we become their nightmare. Their tormentor and emotional jailor.

We self flagellate, we settle, we pretend, we behave, we cheat, we learn, we appreciate and we love again.

There are functionally no more boys and girls, if you would see what girls her age or a bit older are doing online and with who, you would never allow her to go online ever again.

But that also means that by the time life does throw her into the emotional rollercoaster of a relationship, she will be more mature than you and she will be a very emotionally intelligent person. MOre than equiped to deal with life, unless you teach her otherwise. Unless you tell her she is a girl. A innocent. A flower that gets bruised by the heavy lusty breath of horny boys.

I’m sorry to break it to you daddy, but the only thing that can harm your little girl is you treating her like a little girl. Telling her, that her predisposition in a relationship is to be hurt and to be taken advantage of. That is a toxic mindset to set her on. Allow her the power and responsibility to be a heartbreaker. Allow her the strength and confidence to love and to pursuit her love. Allow her to be the main character in her story, trust that she will be an amazing leading lady.