Listen, Can We Please Not Do This Shit?
Cory Kuklick

But he isn’t and you’re wrong.

I looked at your article “addressing” why he actually is a WS.

Your arguments are literally:

  • breitbard articles are racist, 
    /yes, they are in the same way feminist articles on the feminist blogs are misandrist. It’s shock media. It’s not for you, it’s for their audience.
  • His exwife sworn that he used numerous anti-semitic remarks
    /in divorce proceedings, but the important issue is…”remarks”. Jew jokes are remarks. Grow up.
  • Real life racists praise him.
    And I bet ISIS militants like your antiwestern material. Are you a member of ISIS?
  • He believes the West is in a Holy war against Islam
    /So does ISIS, so we’re just supposed to say: “nah man, catch your bombing later I got some civilized stuff to do”. Ignoring bullies didn’t work in kindergarten and is sure as shit doesn’t work as a foreign policy. Grow up!
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