You’re not a liberal—you’re an extremist wearing trendy causes
Timi Olotu

Excellent post.

I would argue that progressivism with it’s fight for a better society and it’s ends justify the means dehumanising personal attacks is more fascist than even the most maladaptive right winger.

That’s why we create passive societies, that’s why we don’t create positive rights. Regardless of who is in power, that power can not hurt, persecute or abuse.

I want every liberal to indulge in your power fantasy, create a perfect government. Write down what laws your utopia would have. And now imagine what Trump or someone like Spencer would do if he came after you and ruled over your utopia, if they had the same liberties in terms of enacting and enforcing their fantasy laws as you had.

We do not create societies for best case scenarios, we make them idiot and dictator proof, that is liberalism. That is what allows democracies to not degenerate into mob rule and abuse of minorities.

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