Chris Floyd

I do not require credibility. I do not want a high ground. The media is nothing without a high ground, without credibility. Actually when we both fail at sticking to social standards, whether it is in terms of grammar or objectivity we join the unwashed masses and only our ideas differentiate us.

Really?I was using Derrida and Rousseau as a example as well? I’m starting to think you’re not really engaging honestly with my comment.

No, you don’t need to read the bible to be a “good Christian”, that is a “team atheist” strawman. Good Christian refers to a persons values, world view and behavior. Not the quantity of rites he follows. Same with absolutely every other value system. We absorb our world view from others, not from a book.

Can you honestly argue that your bipolar party system is any different than Americas’ political dichotomy? Seriously? It’s the same thing. Trump like any other politician played the game. A politician says things to target specific political groups, nothing. It’s not about satisfying 50% of the electorate, but rather satisfying more than the other candidate in every state, on average. Change the rules and politicians change their campaigning, but they still do politics. By a wide margin, Trump is the most centrist republican in recent years, if america had a simple majority electoral system, with just a few tweaks he would have easily broke into the “conservative democrat” electorate. Really doubting your intellectual honesty right now.

Primaries are actually a better system than anything other democracies have. It literally opens up the political avenue for new outsiders and puts the party’s power into the hand of the people. That’s how you get Trump, Ron Paul or Sanders. Voices that in any other system, the party higher ups would burry.

Again with the Trump bashing. He is a terrible person. He IS a INSIDER. He can very easily be the worst president in history(but it does’t look like it from what he’s doing so far) and the concept that he impulsively tweets like a 16 year old from high level meetings is terrifying.

I trust the system to be so rigid and the president to have so little power and the avenues of his power being severely limited and dicated by specialists that in terms of policy I don’t think he will be worse than Bush or Obama. (primarily because he promised isolationism instead of spreading democracy or liberating the syrian people, so he can’t be proactive in international issues without a huge backlash)

The issue is the media. Not a bad president.

Now that we are actually on topic. I would urge you to look more closely one the notion of facts(actual facts) being “reported” by the media. Reporting is the walter Cronkite style of saying what happened with as minimal context as possible, just enough so someone that doesn’t even understand what Syria is to get the most out of the info. Fast forward 40 years. Is that what you called reporting? Do you get the facts or the partisan context? Do you get warmest summer in 150 years or warmest summer since 1866? If you look at older reports you will see that the latter was the prefered idiom. But not now, now we need to wrapped it up in “knowledge” that gives your viewers that pleasant crunch of ideological bias. replace summer with winter and warm with cold and you get the conservative spin.

Now. Listen very closely. NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST. but that comparison is dangerously accurate. That is the problem. Just like Bob- racist uncle extrapolates and interprets facts written in Nature magazine to evangelize his distorted view of history, the media is pre processing info and serving pure ideology. That pre processing breaks impartiality, that relegates the media to the status of a very expensive opinion blog you see on TV.

Trump is an idiot, and when it comes to idiots I think he is a better idiot than Bush and doesn’t share the “one world” view of Obama or you. Trump is not the problem. The problem is that politicians have no more prosecutors. The concept of a real ideologue like clinton or obama with a complicit media is 10 times more dangerous than a man-child ruling a stuffy bureaucracy.