I see how smaller communities feel more natural.
Marko Bajkovic

I think it’s the same thing, it’s nietzschean ruler vs slave mindsets

As a slave in smaller communities you can’t evolve past them. While rulers in bigger ones have no transparency and can exploit the social levers as they see fit.

But my argument is that you can overthrow an abusive parent once you stop being a pussy. You can not overthrow a banker, unless you are a bigger asshole than him, that just happens to hate bankers.

I want also to make a paralel in regards to slave life. In a tribe, you leave, you move on and reality will just beat you senseless until you return or you learn to rule. When your tribe is the whole world and you have nowhere to go, you lul yourself into “big picture thinking” you screech about how global geopolitics should be turned on it’s head because the predsident of a other country did something you don’t like. You don’t have any actual power but your base instincts are crying in a public square for support and justice i.e. your values. Effectively it’s torture for anyone woke to live in “one world society” because they have no escape, that’s why you see SJW radicalism marginally suicidal. They destroyed and absorbed any other medium, they have nowhere to go. For better or worse in our angsty teenage years we had the internet, later I had the state of Montana, Angola, Mongolia and other technologically dead places, so I learned there are options(still). But imagine a college twink that has his world condensed into 50 media content producers and the space of their campus. How fucking scary is that when you wake up and realize the whole of america has different values and “your emperor” has different values than you?

I don’t appreciate being alone, I just like to have people on my very specific terms. I live in my tribe, whether it’s a population of one, two, four or thirty or 100000 weebs I’m not all that bothered. What bothers me is living in some else’s tribe. In may regards I’m just like them, I just know there is nice river over the next hill and my life isn’t dependent on this tribe.

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