This is part of the problem, though.
Elizabeth Decker

I was not defending that point, just using it to describe the mindset of “to each his own.” and argue that it does not come from a hate of gays, but a more prudish world view.

This is what I think on the issue of gay rights.

Freedom of association is essential human right and there is no association more important and impertive to a persons pursuit of happiness than marriage. Besides the legal implications, establishing a universal institution of marriage is essential to not only treat people the same uunder the law but to give them the same social dignity as any other person and to not create a alianting homophobic culture by excluding them from one of our society’s most important institutions.

We are on the same side. The rest is just us talking(jumping from topi to topic is what happens when people are talking) and me, because I know how conservatives think, playing the role of the moderate conservative, because rubbing one another on our common generational values is boring, frankly..

My point on conservatives: the personal is not political

My point on Obama: the only laws he even marginally entertained where progressive laws forcing conservatives to concentrate exclusively on state laws. He was a very partisan president but we don’t see that because we and the media share his values.

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