I can see that, but it wasn’t my takeaway.
Lori Bernstein

I will take your inquiry as non-inferential.

As I said, among the people that hang out in bars after 3 a.m. there will be a lot of alcoholics. Not all people in bars are alcoholics. But it is fair to infer that most people in bars after 3 a.m. do drink.

At this point I want to clarify our terms. There are degrees to MRA, non-intersectional feminists(90% of all millenial channers), anti-feminists(old mra) and anti feminists worriors(with as much satire as you wish added to the word warrior).

Because we are talking about larger social elements, from now on I will be using the collective noun : chans. Because 4chan is more PC than you might think, especially after GamerGate. But the issue you want to talk about is chan culture, that extends way beyond 4chan it’self, that’s just the only imageboard you know of.

Due to the medium of chans(well at least how it was), anyone that was there is a skeptic of current stream narratives. So the fairest description would be that from the most misandrist of feminist literature to the most violent of misoginist arguments we had it all. Nobody could stop you posting unless it’s something that violates a common core of human values. (by this I mean shit 99.99 % of people trough history would punch you for, which is a world away from what you can get away with on regular media).

Now among that wirldwind of ideology, feminism, red pill, mra became irrelevant. We learned to look at it as sick people vominting out their pain. We even learned to joke and try to out do ourself. A way to find joy and connect over the worst of humanity. We know that most people on there are not extremists and we have that common core of values and among that, the common core of discourse was egalitarian.

It would be wierd to say, feminist because feminism is reactionary, we had no genders. We where individuals. Kinky pervs. Interracial porn and tranny porn is probably the most popular porn on there, but at the same time white nationalist discourse is also very popular.

it’s not culture derived from values but the outline of those values. We provoke and joke. Try to make one another vomit and make ourselfs vomit in the process. And by straddling that line, you realize that we are indeed all equal. Not because it’s law or the moral thing, but because our inner puke limit is around the same place.

There are 2 Gamergates.

The only one that matters and the distraction.

Go right now and talk shit about peanutbutter on twitter to PeanutbutterLover34. And tell me how polite he will be with his reply. Or the replies of his less emotionally stable peers. Can you honestly call it PeanutButterGate?

Feminism aside for a second. The game press was the worst (and still is along with tech and high brow economics) one of the most incestous medium you can find. They are a PR industry. So when gamergate broke it was like proof the emperor had no clothes. THIS HAPPENS A LOT. Usually some shares, reposts and after a month it goes into the lore of the community.

But, the thing is that on another side of the internet, another community was fermenting. Again 90% normal people, 9 % somewhat with a persecution complex and 1 % deranged. (I won’t go into why these are more dangerous than nihilist video gamers but let’s say we let people do their own thing they dont)

The issue with not having a voice is that you can’t counter a smear campaign. So when the twitter campaing hit, we were blasting Zoe and her shit behavior as a developer just to get at the media.

Anti-matter and matter however met. Feminists took it as slut shaming.(which if you knew just how slutty we get in the chans you would know how absurd that is) We mocked and played right into their “patriachy” frustrated virgin boy narrative. We didn’t care, we had no beef and we lerned that feminists will jump into damsel mode everytime they don’t have a wity comback, we wanted the press to burn.

And the press knew it. So they did what they do best, deflect. The headline was misoginy spats on twitter instead of their unprofessionalism. They went full on with the narrative because feminism sells. (we can get on the topi of radicalism, why #yesall and why moderates make radicals powerfull).

For our tinfoil hatters this became a moral crusade. And the targed was absurdly juicy. Because by this time, most online journalists where intersectiona feminists that did push their views into their work to push for structural change and in the process becoming the abusive faces of authority pushing society against the will of the people.

Both parts had smart people that saw the shitstorm of the conflict and banked on it, because wars need idols, and idols makes money in a world of shares and likes. And thats how we split a the first generation of post racial atheist feminists. The winners, the content creators, the professional victims and politicians that saw the benefit of pandering to one of the sides. God I can’t wait for gen Z to take over because we fucked this shit up royally

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