When A Woman Deletes A Man’s Comment Online
Ijeoma Oluo

Intersectional debates are not debates

Debate implies equal platform. Intersectionality decries that any structural equality is inequality so a intersectional “debate” requires your lived experiences (and own biases) to be accepted as a starting point, basically sloping the ground in your favor. Online, you (still) can’t do that.

I want everyone that isn’t “academically challenged” to consider this post positivist linchpin. Let’s decide right here and right now if we are a positivist society or a inter-sectional one.

Are subjective experiences a representation of objective issues? Is a racist patriarchal society one where SOME women get objectified and raped, SOME black people get marginalized as shot? Or is that just a society that doesn’t have a draconian degree of control over it’s population?

Should a society impose proper behavior for individuals when they relate with categories they have traditional and structural advantages over?

Are structural issue something you solve with structural measures? Can you push a pendulum from swinging? or is the pendulum's reactive nature just going to absorb that impulse and go back with more energy?

Does making pedophilia illegal, and one of the worst of antisocial behavior, reduces the number of children getting abused? Does it cure pedophilia? Can we we stop the few, by forcing the many?