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But who decides what is toxic? We do, collectively. Jigsaw has obtained massive data sets of comments from Wikipedia, The New York Times, and other sources. The Times offered data on which comments its moderators had flagged as inappropriate, and Jigsaw itself enlisted thousands of people from a crowdsourcing service to judge whether Wikipedia comments were harassing.

Just a reminder and call for humility:

You are not smart, you are just smarter than everyone before you. And you reached that point by being exposed to conflicting views and engaging in disruptive speech. Consensus is the death of progress and evolution of ideas.

Also, Hate does not live in the outliers, the jokers, the provocators and the trolls. It festers in sanitised isolated groups that grow to resent the outsiders and want to purge their heresy.

But please, have the sanitation, reduce society to a polite simulation, a 21st century version of leave it to beaver culture.

I’ll be in the depths of the internet, the spaces without clean minimalism design, along with radicals, comedians, sociopaths and pedophiles. They at least don’t lie to themselves about the dark side of their nature and can take a joke.

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