Ads. Blocking and Tackling.
John Battelle

Let me take away your neoliberal virginity.

Business is not designed or obligated to serve the consumer.

Consumers are not perfect rational consumers.

The Internet is driven by content, free content… but people need food, not shares on facebook.

So how do you solve this and get paid for your content?

Well you don’t. You get paid for shares, impressions.

It’s a primitive form of monetization, borrowed from the previous medium but we have no other way to make money off this online wild west.

And you should be grateful for it, because editorial and commercial are still different entities that you can clearly tell apart. What comes after this is way worse. When the money from ads stops coming in, the next step to monetize impressions is influencer marketing.

And that is a world where you are not only exposed to corporate messaging, but everything becomes corporate messaging. A world where everything is skewed commercially and everything that can not sell you something is discarded as “fake” or radical “hate speech”.

You will be told that this new arrangement is made for your benefit, that corporations help your favorite content producer to create better content for you, and that you now get to experience your favorite content without any of those pesky ads. But that is the moment where the Internet of free readily available content ends.

That is when the Internet will turn into a infotainment medium and you will suck it up. Because it’s still content, it’s high quality, fun content with high production costs and you won’t give a shit that it’s dry and soulless. Because you aren't a perfect consumer and good enough is just that, good enough, comfortable, prospect friendly advertising 24/7. Congratulations you now live in Huxley’s nightmare.