Hephaestus — I think you DO have an agenda — and I’m just trying to figure out what it is that you…
Crystal Leeno

My agenda is to bring back discourse to a mid ground

I want to stop progress — in your words.

So dismissing attacks it is, because you are incapable of not looking down at people you disagree with

They are not racist or sexist. They are just not as progressive as the latest Slate article demands everyone be. Also, that doesn't mean subjugation, it just means we deal with the old power strucutures in our own way. “Everyone is a faggot, everyone is a virgin and everyone is a whore for trannies.” Instead of “everyone is sexist, everyone is racist and everyone needs to repent and vote for their repentance in this life so that our children will live in a better world ppopulated only by feminists democrats. Amin.

The author and you are accusing people of of being to immature to see the progressive way. We saw it, we hate it, we think that is subjugation.

Content matters, and I respect those who work hard who have unskilled labor and those who have skilled labor — but just like I’m not qualified to put together a car engine or dig a ditch with a backhoe — there are these nuances that you’re talking about in the fields of history and political philosophy that give one a more intelligent perspective. That’s not to say that heart doesn’t deserve a place — but it seems that it’s the right that always wants to drive the heart out in favor of the superman, the rational, the capitalist.

… (to anyone still reading this, no he is not some wierd outlier, you think like this as well, he is just very honest and articulate about his bigotry). Thank you for that, if I said it it would have just been some strawman.

I’m a situational libertarian, because I live in a society that has a perfect framework for the most liberty as possible. We don’t respect that liberty very well — but outside of the idea that we should be left alone by the government, I think that we have a duty to help our civilization move forward in kindness and excellence and sharing and understanding. I don’t purport to know how the hell this happens and waver dramatically between bleak nihilism and a Hallmark card commercial on a daily basis.

Yes, thank you, finally some mid ground. I want that as well, but not through government. ANd the channs have proved that it can work, white nationalists trolling around for tranny porn then getting it from a extreme feminist that wants to kill all men after they have their first child. As long as there is no power structure, there can be no abuse or persecution. But the SECOND you introduce power, even if it’s on the side of the “traditional” abused, they become the abusers and the only limit is their pity, which if you have talked to some trans people that have been abused you would know that they have very little left.

Ask yourself if you want to move to a christian society where everyone is a kind christian? I bet you don’t, that’s why we have a forced separation of state and church. Progressivism is a religion, it’s about values and how you live. You are arguing for a theocracy where everyone has the same values, same behavior and any divergence is deemed evil and punished. You do not want a secular diverse society, you want one of repentant sinners chastising themselves for the original sin of slavery.

In the end, I think that love saves capitalism. And you’re right — that includes my love for those I think are stupid. But there are some people who won’t listen — who will never listen to that, and that includes people who believe in those ideologies where humans do not have civil liberties — and cannot be loved for their simply being. The blood and soil narratives poison the Enlightenment.

You are a treasure, pls never change ….

You say Trump doesn’t have to do anything but shake it up — what does your ideal look like on the other side of that?

Progress again…

I think bernie was. I think a european style left wing technocrat with the speech of a demagogue. NO PROGRESSIVE PANDERING. A focus on economics, wellfare and developement. NO TOKENISM (but it doesn’t hurt as long as you NEVER MENTION IT) And a positive attitude towards all this. No the republicans aren’t stupid, man-children or promoters of sexism….they have legacy morals (BOOM $500 000 worth of political copywrite right there).

You don’t want to take guns away, you want to take illegal guns of the street(this is one of the Donalds tricks). Climate change won’t get you or the people of Bangladesh, but rather we need away from foreign energy dependence(drop saudi arabia just for some added sovinism) and diversify out energy output.

In fact that would be the generat theme, modernizing america, getting back it’s core values of boootstraping enterpreneurship and innovation.

The hard line progressive WILL ALWAYS VOTE FOR YOU! Just like christians voted for NE democrat that has a potty mouth. You need to offer the rest of the country something.

As for in practice, I think unless you diversify your platform and promote mid-american WHITE MEN into your party you will never regain the parliament. America is a UNION of states, deal with it and run the politics that works instead of what you want to work. You will get your trans weed smoking lesbian president within our lifetime, because of the eastern gentrification of the mountain states and the enlightenment of the south. Just not right now. Can you deal with that?

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