Well his speeches after the election devolved into trolling, but before he made actual points and…

No-no, I was talking about his tours. When he literally has a script and researchers. Take him on Joe Rogan if you will. His views are fairly tame, in fact dissected and outside of the media landscape and policy issues, I find him more liberal than most “slut shaming” feminists like Anita, just because of his libertarian value system and the fact that he is gay and unlike a college educate white woman, he actually knows what living as a marginalized individual is like.

Biggest and most obvious one: gay marriage should be dismissed, it doesn’t come from a conservative value system, but a “beat generation” individualism and hedonism world view. We wants to keep the white picket fence because only with it up can perversion maintain it’s purity and authenticity.

(short side note, he doesn’t stand up for conservative values per se, but rather he is fighting against bullying and tone policing from the left)

And let’s not kid ourselves, NOBODY wants to properly debate anyone, especially on mainstream media and especially a conservative. Conservatives are moral punching bags and news media is a slaughter.

Same goes for the people protesting him. THey want to hate. They would jump at any “anti-progressive” non issue.

It’s about the activism not the actual “trigger”. And activism is not extreme, it’s a form of expression for them a celebration of their values.

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