For sure: Trump supporters were hiding their approval of him to avoid being scolded by their peers.
Walker Harrison

Not peers, polsters. Please try interacting with students and activists and telling them “trump is ok”. You can feel the hatred boil in them.

That is the social climate conservatives live under. It’s not about shame but ostracization. It’s a subversive behavior and you do have a hard time being honest about antisocial behavior.

On the God gap: really? so 20% of democrats that report to go to church once a week and 47 % reporting they do attend church functions every year doesn’t make democrats religious? (those are higher numbers that european conservatives)

But despite 51% of conservatives declaring that they seldom or NEVER go to church, that makes them “the God party” (which is a lot more than muslims for example)

(mate, I make money spinning shit and confirming people’s bias for them, it’s only as relevant as you want it to be. If you want to go into details, the crucial bit is that the religious hard liners, the 30% compared to the democrats 20% are faith voting, but replace those hard liners with the democrats own hard line progressives and you got the exact same thing)

My question is that will people learn from this? would scientists be more humble next time? would they ajust their samples when it comes to minority and gen y voters? Does the industry want truth or want’s to confirm they bias and be TV stars?

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