Nice to meet you too, anon.
Marko Bajkovic

oh, you don’t know me. Let’s say that my financiar and digital signature is that of a spoiled eurofag that likes photography and makes money wanking of chaturbate.

I am a live in anarchist. I think there is no superstructure to society. And as long as you’re not an idiot and buy in to the social contract you are complety and absolutely free.

I have no comfort. I have nothing they can take away. My life’s joy is writing, sex, photography and meeting wierd people. Trow me in prison, leave me stranded naked in bangalore. I can still do all that. Sure, with my mind, with hairy sweaty brown men or take pictures with my fingers, but I can still do it all.

Thats how you get exploited, by fear of losing your status right now. It’s fake. Take action to have your life’s joy unstealable.

In regards to the unseable, yeah….there is cruelty in the world that would give ACTUAL PTSD to everyone that said pussy-grabing in a unironic way. But you know the feel of seeing there is no God. You unlike SJWs did not cower away under social norms when you realised God is dead and your mom and dad are just ruting animals. You did not try to create a framework that build on the ubermensch concept of the superior way and denied reality. You can entertain paradoxical concepts like human as beast and human as saint. One does not negate the other. And actions define our world. You don’t need proof and guarantee of ending racism, you just walk outside and thank every white man for not being a racist. Use the opportunities of gratitude instead of fear, and by engaging in those positive feels the brightness of our world will slowly outshine the dark. (the dark will still be there, but it will not dictate your life)

I read some greentext from a chick that was beaten by her mom and occasionally sexually abused by her dad. But she didn’t want to kill herself because her mother always apologised and tucked her in at night while telling her stories, she loved playing with her awesome friends and exploring their town and her dad always took them on these long holiday trips across the country.

Dudette had a point. Her childhood had more good stuff than mine ironically and she was dealing with her shit, way better than I was dealing with my mediocre shit.

Our life is not made by the amount of suck in it, but rather how we scale ourselfs in the metanarrative. I know I am hapier than 99% of americans that earn more than me, because they work more than me. I also know that the streches of loneliness and financial insecurity I went would be considered life shattering for most people.(maybe not millenial channers, those guys are wierd/) So who am I? what’s My story? Am I a product of a aliating society and culture that has no real social values or safety nets for those that do not abide by it’s faux norms? Or am I a succes that shows that work and opportunity feed on themselfs and we create our own future?

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