I really enjoyed your article with one exception.

Ok, I listened to what Milo says, he doens’t say anything, he speaks.

He doesn’t have ideas he is a loud funny airhorn for conservative ideas.

Kotaku is not feminism, Milo is not conservative. They are content creators designed to entertain their audience.

I agree with you that OP used Milo as a generic point of right wing speech and how extreme it is. (because jokes and hyperbole are extreme if you aren’t in on them — that’s a legitimate position although faulty)

But you are using him as a legitimate right wing speaker. Which is worse, you are in on the joke. But you pretend that his speech is not shock comedy. That’s intellectually dishonest.

Milo, like other mouthpieces are easy targets. Don’t play the game of defending the low hanging fruit just to create conflict. Trump won, so own the responsibility of the reversal of power. If you are a conservative now you need to show dignity and reach out continuously and without judgement towards your opponents. MAke your humanity impossible to ignore and dismiss.