Democracy vs Republic
Elizabeth Decker

So… are you going to vote for a christian nationalist

A fascist would be incorruptible, a christian would have values of steel drilled into him. The picture of integrity.

They would offer straight forward campaign promises, like more police in the streets, better quality control in education and the rest of the state. Safe streets and a focus on the middle class.

I bet you that a fascist would be the only one that would run a clean campaign. If you got it in the bag and God is on your side and your opponents are scared shitless of your brownshirts why strees yourself and the electorate out.

Fear, from a fascist christian? No way! They would campaign on hope and change. A reformist program based on the future of the nation.

Mistakes, sure, they happen, maybe they killed a dog or beat a homosexual when they where young, but that’s youth.

But despite those mistakes, you will not see more respect for the constituence like you will when a christian nationalist enters the scene. We are all his brothers under God and under the law of these United Christian States of America!

Have you seen how the religious right talks about the children and the souls of homosexuals, those are some real concerned people. They would do anything to save your soul.

Yes, when asked the jewish question, fascists are usually the only ones that are not afraid of hard answers.

And they do listen to other opinions if you have them, and dare to say them. They will listen, in your car, at home at work, they are very currious to hear you disagree with them.

Now, you can say what you will about fascists, but they always look ahead, 1000 years ahead if need be.

ANd as I said, they will do a lot more listening than talking.

Sorry about that but I just love generic words. I’m a copywriter and I make my money by twisting values and words. Never go shopping with preconceptions. That’s how we get you.

Same goes for a political candidate, in the right light anyone is prince charming or the devil. And at that point you are at the mercy of people like me.

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