I said in general, the 99% can’t be oppressed.
Elizabeth Decker

Sue them? If there is a case for obvious intent then you have the law on your side.

waiting for culture to catch up isn’t going to stop the discrimination. People who can see it, who are not part of the group being discriminated against, speaking up and saying it’s wrong is what will change culture

Really? So is womens voting a modern day issue? How about the principle of self determination? IMO: culture created the law, culture created the society that doesn’t abuse(because I hate limiting civil rights to US specific minorities) and culture stops actual bigots from abusing you.

The main linchpin is this: can law create culture. Can the most advantageous legal framework in the world give you a fighitng chance against a boss in corporate culture? It can disincentivize, certainly. But that’s not creation of culture that’s culture reacting to the environment, the legal framework.

This is the fundamental difference between old school anarchist like me new progressives. I don’t think you can’t stop abuse by repurposing it, power abuses, not intent or human bias behind that power. We are not Homo politicus, if we where, we would have stopped crimes centuries ago. We are not homo economicus if we where capitalism would work. We are Homo sapiens, we are monkeys CAPABLE of reason and compassion not defined by it.

RE: stalking and police. They don’t do theirr jobs, sue them. You have tools of power, use them. (I know they are expensive and weak, but realise that if your cases and concerns are very grave, they need to act and if not, well the alternative of managing 100% of personal disputes with police is terriying and a worse society than what we have right now)

This is again a important divergence. I was on track to become a doctor. Then I stepped into a hospital. I saw the limited resources, I saw the pain, the hard choices and the simple real life limitations of a basic fundamental principle that has no vagueness: keep everyone alive. Law enforcement is way more nuanced and complicated. And asking for a society that uses a broad brush on people and sees everything in black and white is asking for a police state that would make a fascist utopia seem inefficient.

Ok, lets end on a positive, a cynical positive. I think we live in an anarchy and that we just play pretend society has structures and limits. You obey those limits either by rationalisation or reflex, and going across those limits makes you a criminal. But that also means you are free. This also means that you have the subbersive freedom and we live in a fundamentally free society, because all the structure is just culture. I’ve seen rich people end up homeless and smart IT guys make a killing (7 figures in less than a year). There are no real barriers, we just posses different non-systemic tools and the systemic tools we have are fundamentally broken. Here is what good vs bad looks like at a personal leve.

I told you I have been told to behave, I left the company and work on my own.

I was bullied, I lifted weights, got into shape

I was cursed with ADD in a sociiety that doesn’t think that is real. I made it my competitive edge and I can juggle more projects in a week than most straight thinkers in a month.

I have BPD and a dark sexuallity and probably will never be able to have a stable relationship, I use my hypersexuality and intensity to breathe life into other’s romantic lives while making them aware of my emotional limitations.

I was borned in a shit country, I leveraged the neoAmerican culture I was raised in and the cheap local market to sell cars, houses and businesses to a new middle class that wanted to feel economically relevant.

Our deepest ugliest limitations never go away. We can fight them, nurse them daily drain the puss and hope the miracle cure comes, or we can fall into the darkness. Embrace it, unify the good and the bad and work with society, along its lines, it’s bends it’s flaws. Impact the world. Win some, lose some. But never be an object, never be a consequence of anything other than your own actions.

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