How do we reform tech?
Anil Dash

Tech is the new religion, yes, I love you for that comment. Tech businesses are like the new robber barons. The state’s golden geese.

Is it unreasonable for people to boycott tech? Because it’s a consumer decision ultimately. Google is probably the most essential tech company, still you can circumvent it. Create a faux G+ account, prop up a VPN and say no to all of the cookies. Will it be a suboptimal experience, of course, because healthy choices ALWAYS FEEL worse than bad ones. A salad is a suboptimal lunch choice.

I think the consumer culture needs to be changed. I would compare it to fast food. Did nutrition experts and activists changed eating habits and the food industry? No, mature consumers did. They demanded better options, producers of better options came in the market and the better options segment slowly attracted more producers.

One last note. BLM got Trump elected. Activism is a narcissistic avenue that just creates noise for the larger mass of the public. If you want the public on your side, you educate, you inform, you help. You don’t bullshit, you don’t spin the facts and you don’t preach from a moral high ground. Everyone thinks they are morally in the right. You need to meet them at their level.

If you want to feel like a self important evangelist, sure, go wild on that soapbox, Facebook page or whatever moral high ground you think you hold the monopoly on. Preach to your choir but nothing will be done.

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