You Want Republicans to Put Country Before Party…But Will You?
Jennifer Hoelzer

This made me all mushy inside.

Screeching for the republic, isn’t for the well being of the republic. It’s for you and your daily circle-jerk routine.

Writing about “what matters to you” is not journalism.

Having a moral stance is just your opinion.

And character attacks, targeted hate or violence is NEVER the right thing regardless of the ends you use to rationalize it. Because if the shoe falls on the other foot, you are done.

I could go longer on this but consider these 2 points.

In a world beyond our civil structure, you “the Starbucks sucker” are phenomenally outnumbered by the plebs that you talk down to and insult. So do your very best to preserve Trump’s republic, because it’s the only thing keeping you alive. You only have the majority in a world where plebs are silenced by structural and financial barriers.

A fair world, is one in which everyone is equally unhappy. A world where you do anything to get your views into power, you do not compromise and you believe THE ONLY LEGITIMATE POLICIES ARE YOUR OWN and is fascism.

So love the fucking republic because as imperfect as it is, we got nothing better.

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