Little things men (unknowingly) do that make them more desirable to women
Tiffany Sun

Those times are gonna baby girl.

In a culture of tinder, you need to figure out how to be adorable to us.

We good without all that. So with that being said…

  1. Always defend your man.
  2. Remember the smallest of his pet peeves and agree with him.
  3. Jump at the opportunity to nurse him back to health.
  4. Never take yourself too seriously
  5. Always offer to cook and save money.
  6. Always assume he’s okay and don’t dig up shit.
  7. Happy hubby, happy wifey.
  8. No “girl memory” BS where you rewrite history
  9. He is always and will always be the best you ever had.
  10. Always say yes to sex.
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