The All-American History of Fake News
Richard D. Brown

Trump is not the author of fake news.

Bullshiters have always spun their sales pitches. Crazy people have always yelled from a sandbox.

What changed is our inability to laugh at them…because we see ourselfs in them.

For a while now, about a few generations journalists stopped providing a public good and became “educators” in fact doing a political good to their affiliated party or ideology.

Trump can dismiss CNN’s tantrums because they have sacrificed their position as a institution in favor of partisanship and they are now Trump’s “Fox news”.

And a note on journalism. AP and Reuters hate Trump, you can feel their condescension with every piece they put out, they don’t have a conservative bone in their body. But that does not stop them from doing their job. Reporting the facts, verifying the scoops and publishing retractions when they do mess up. That is journalism, doing that for your ideological oponent is why journalism is virtuous. Trowing shit at a easy target is not moral, it’s not journalism and when you do it at the price of truth, it is the definition of fake news and you are no better than a mommy blog that advocates for breastfeeding your 10 year old.

And the necessary #imnotwithtrump disclaimer. Trump is a garbage human being and is a terrible president(because he is stupid not because he is a bad person). But he did not create the deplorable standards that make huge corporations have their credibility threatened by a blog or a youtube channel.

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