Agreed. The difference is some of us believe that better is possible.
Elizabeth Decker

We all agree that better is possible and that it will inevitably come. The only real dispute is time and the means. I think you lack patience and I think progress is inevitable unless you force it.

We were allies during the Bush years. But along the way, progressives decided that means justify the ends. Think of just how far we got in 16 years. Was it worth pushing? Being loud over winning?

Let’s go with the immigration issue. Obviously I believe immigrants can be a great resource for the receiving country IF there are efforts to integrate them. But in europe we seen liberal politicians fail at this to such an extent that previous generations of integrated immigrants are voting against the multi-culti “tolerance” based policies. Important note, tolerance in this context is scapegoating defective policies by shifting the issue from policy to morality. Moral arguments have no incompetent politicians and administrators. Same goes with vetting, that is security theater. Immigration doesn’t cause terrorism, creating parallel societies of self contained marginalised people does. A muslim will only identify with Islam because he can’t identify with his new American identity. That’s the failure of multi culti, that’s the failure of “tolerance policies”. ANd that is where the mid ground between the people that fear immigrants and people that want to live in a society that is open and tolerant lies.

If you would talk to people that Don’t think that immigrants can be a valuable asset to a nation you will see that the “immigration ban” is empty propaganda they fear saudis not ethiopians. It’s not policy it’s just an excuse to justify his less aggressive attitude in foreign policy in response to Chinese and Rusian recent provocations. (better to have them defending him online over faux immigration measures that expire in 60 days than let them read the valid criticism of his opponents on real foreign policy issues.

Effectively it has no real ramification and again, for a populist cry baby, it’s absurdly tame measure that just distracts from the real issue: the horrifying nominations he is making.(again, politicians like us to argue on moral issue because they can’t be in the wrong when we do that)

Thank you. I really enjoyed your latest reply and I think we both will leave more enriched from this exchange. Have a good day.

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