Women Need to Date Carpenters Like Men Date Yoga Instructors
Heidi K. Isern

We aren’t even that hung up on the heterosexual thing, if you wanna give it a shot we’re game.

But joking aside, I think you are viewing relationships too general. Allow me to classify.

We have the “better than not”, when the relationship is subpar but it’s better than nothing. And that’s by a wide margin most relationships. If you draw a paralele between male relationships that go nowhere and womens’ ONS or FWB relationships(yes those are relationships as well). You will see there’s not all that much disparity, we just engage in those BTN relationships differently.

The second is the #relationshipgoals relationship. This is just a a idealised form that we have in our head, this is where women really frack themselves over. Men quickly realise that they can’t actually pull their weight with a pornstar and going full on “love actually” is a sure way to lose the girl, so realism hits us really early. Women, not so much, you can easily drown in pornstar sex and forget about the rest, lying to yourself daily that it will work and you have the ability to project romance in even the blandest of relationships as long as you like the guy. (I love this about you actually, but I know it’s not healthy). This is why you see a discrepancy, this is why you see men “settle” more

The last one is the partnership. The only one that ever actually works, the only one that is actually worth the ring. This requires compatible lifestyles, personalities and goals more than anything else. You can be cheating on one another, have 0 chemistry but have a bond stronger than siamese twins. This relationship is massively based around growing together, so unless you get on the serious train with your highschool sweetheart, odds are you’ll never find a compatible crazy to conquer the world with after you become an adult, whether you are a boy or a girl. This is about powering trough, this is the relationship where a break up would be mutually assured destruction of the lifestyle of both participants. This was the old standard for your grandparents in the 50s. And as sociopathic as it was, is sort of worked, you where forced to work with your partner instead of bartering and negotiating a give and take.

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