4 Marketing Experts on Visual Content in a Brands’ Storytelling

Wow, ok, here’s some actual advice.

Photo is not video. (hear that INSTAGRAM execs?)

Photo is context, feel, mood, moment in time. It has a short window of receptivity and it washes away in a instant from the viewers mind.

Video is narrative, characters, action. It grabs you like copy. Good video isn’t flashy, it’s engaging. Video is the new narrative for gen Z.(jump on it before the mainstream finds out)

Treating as if they are the same is like saying email is just like writing letters. It shows you don’t actually process your medium like your prospects.

For identity use photos, use them as a mirror for your prospects to see their lifes in, or at least what they want their lives to be. It’s a very narcissistic medium, very voyeuristic, yes make it about them, but don’t assume their intent, just leave it there they’ll bite. The image is the window into another environment for the viewer. Use it as glimpses, not as a full message. Let them fill the spaces in between themselfs.

For narrative, utility examples use video. They are prepachaged online experiences.(and we don’t even have VR). That’s the big mistery behind twitch systems. Video is the new native communication medium for the Gen Z and other short attention span digital natives. Make it educational, experiential, immersive, personal. But never presentational. Always personable and always fun.

As for attention span people will offer you, it’s only partially right as Google made clear with its monetization rules 2 years ago shifting from cartoons to character centric hour long videos.

Generic video<Generic photo<intense photo<engaging video

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