Why You Should Stop Lying About Your Age on Dating Sites

You realize you are defining a person based on a lie, as a liar.
at best that’s unfair, at worst that’s sociopathic and you see people as things instead of tridimensional persons.

In both cases I think you should get of not only dating sites but the internet as a whole.

Go out meet people in real life and learn that you can’t judge them based on one single thing based on your narcissistic subjective values.

Only after that you can understand the difference between social media personas and the real people behind those personas.

Social media(dating sites included) are canvases we build upon our egos. THey are meant to be aspirational, they represent the best of us, not a accurate representation of who we are.

Most people understand this, that’s why we all accept one another’s little lies. We learned to look beyond them to find the real person behind out online personas. Well most of us, those that haven’t take those personas as real and they fuck up when they base their expectations on those personas. That’s how you meet up with a girl 10 years older and 20 pounds heavier or worse, you get catfished.

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