You have no legitimate grounds to dismiss Clapper and his remarks as unimportant.
Caitlin Johnstone

I’m wondering if Caitlin is profoundly stupid or just gullible or both? Clapper isn’t ground zero for this anti-Russian narrative, the Russian intelligence services are. Clapper isn’t remotely the only one who knows this, anyone in his position with any sense of responsibility and awareness would and does share similar concerns. So do the ex and current CIA chiefs, so does the FBI, so does the DIA, so does the State Dept, etc.

What Caitlin doesn’t seem aware of — a profound area of ignorance for someone writing on this topic as a ‘journalist’ — is that Clapper wasn’t ‘in charge’ of those agencies as DNI; they don’t answer to him. In fact they are notoriously competitive and uncooperative with each other.

The intel agencies in the UK, the Germans, etc. are all in agreement.

As for Russians in the U.S. give me a break. I’m fluent in Russian and know a dozen Russians here in the states from NC to Seattle. None, not one has experienced harassment and they are almost to a woman and man profoundly anti-Putin BTW.

What a load of BS. It really is a sign of how low the bar for journalism has sunk [of course the alt.right is a cesspool] that this nitwit is given a platform.

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