🚀 Kickfinity Ambassadors Wanted!

3 min readNov 17, 2022

Want to join the Kickfinity team? Well you’re in luck!

👀 We are on the lookout for highly motivated community members who have what it takes to be a Kickfinity Ambassador!

Kickfinity Ambassador’s are our closest friends and advocates for the community and Kickfinity as a whole — people who are committed to spreading the word about Kickfinity and our unique stress relief blockchain game designed to make you money!

✨ Want to join? Here are the details!

Could you be a Kickfinity Ambassador?

Ambassadors are loyal passionate members who want to support us in various ways be it though providing valuable content, referring new people to the community, or by being trusted voices in the community.

We will be sure to reward those members who are a part of the programme and will make a generous compensation package based on your input and effectiveness!

Our goal is to have our Ambassadors be able to inspire and engage through conversation, educate by teaching new users about Kickfinity, advocate for us and guide new users to relevant content and answers.

What will you need to do?

First and foremost, we want to talk to YOU to understand what you can help us with. There is nothing too big or too small that you can or cannot do. But to get a general idea, here are some activities we are looking for our Ambassadors to do:

  • Create content and memes, generate new creation ideas
  • Suggest new contest ideas
  • Social media channels have “Kickfinity Ambassador” in descriptions/bios
  • Cross-posting out posts to your own platforms
  • Cross postings and quote tweeting on external platforms, messaging under relevant posts, promotion Kickfinity as a brand and a product
  • Greet and make friends with new community members to create genuine support and engagement
  • Create unique visual materials and infographics
  • Organising events, offline meet ups, offering collaborations, advising on where to advertise
  • Translation of documents and content into local languages

And how much will I be paid?

We value your input into Kickfinity and want to make sure you are compensated fairly. We will be discussing exact compensation based on the type of work and activities you have in mind, but this will be done in USDT or USDC or other USD equivalent stablecoins.

Do I qualify?

Here are some things we may be looking for:

  • Be an active member in our community, following us on social media channels
  • Highly engaged in the community
  • We don’t expect you to have a large following count of socials, but we do expect you to have some social media presence
  • We don’t require English to be at a top level but we do want you to be able to communicate well in both english and your second language
  • Finally, be an engaging communicator who wants to have FUN!

Where do I apply?


Thanks Buddy!
See you soon!

About Kickfinity

Kickfinity is a play-and-earn game, where you can own Buddies as #NFTs. Relieve stress and earn money by beating the Buddy.

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Kickfinity is a play-and-earn game, where you can own Buddies as #NFTs. Relieve stress and earn money by beating the Buddy.