New PreICO: Magisters of Magic

First PreICO on our platform starts today, August 15th, at 1 pm UTC! Let’s cheer for Magisters of Magic, an online strategy for browser and Steam.

An independent team of experienced programmers and game designers presents a post-apocalyptic world where every player manages his own realm and explore another shards to gather resources, developing and defending his guild and fighting rivals on special battlegrounds.

The game will combine well-known mechanics and some new ideas to create an intriguing mix. You can read a detailed description of the concept on the project page at KICKICO.

The team offers MoMCoins. PreICO offer is 4500 MoMCoin tokens for 1 ETH plus special bonuses for early entry. The campaign goal is 200 ETH and the cap is 1000 ETH. Raised funds will be spent on game improvement, localization and and marketing.

What is especially interesting about this project? The team plans to fully integrate the game into KICKONOMY. KickCoin would be used as internal currency in the game (as it would be in another games on the platform).

Petr Tsap, the founder, says: ‘I’ve had this idea for a long time now, created prototypes. The final vision was inspired after a discussion about Fallout Shelter. The original concept has changed several time since, and finally we know how the ultimate massive online strategy should look like. A chance to bring this to life is beyond inspiring’.

Petr shared his feedback for KICKICO platform: ‘It’s still in progress, but the progress is very impressive! It was already working in July and it’s obvious that things had improved since. As a founder I’d like to see tools and services for project marketing and acquiring audience and investors. It would be great to have such support from the platform because many teams lack experience in this field’.

Good luck with PreICO, Magisters of Magic! You can support the project here.