The Sun Bear Is Just Like You And Me


Have you heard of the Sun Bear? Maybe you have. More formally known as Helarctos malayanus, the Sun Bear lives in the forests of Southeast Asia and always looks like shit in photos, just like we do.

Just like you and me, the sun bear never looks good on camera, not ever. They always look weird and awkward, their hair is not right, their skin is so wrong, their shirt looks really bad, and something about their eyes is just… it’s off.

We’re the same.

We are the same.





front camera on accident

thought this selfie was cute when i was drunk but it’s not

not cute when i first wake up

not cute when i eat

whenever i try to look pensive i just look dumb

why do i look STUPID all the time

sometimes i think it’s just “the lighting”

it’s not just “the lighting”

not cute in profile

not cute in 1/3

so incredibly awkward

this weird tomato is cuter and more appealing than i am

at least my friends are ugly too

fuck it