If connecting with an authentic audience is the goal of publishing student work to a blog, one must consider that Google’s search algorithm actually punishes incomplete, unresponsively designed websites.
Stop Forcing Your Students To Blog, Do This Instead
Michael Macfadden

Connecting students (or myself) with an authentic audience is my primary goal when we blog. I admit I never thought about Google’s search algorithm’s being responsible for the lack of authentic connection. What has been your experience with Medium and the algorithms it uses to promote blogs? Is there a tag that you recommend students use when they post their work? I have promoted my student’s work with #stuvoice or #commentsforkids on twitter to create interest. For that matter as an educator are there tags that I should use when I post my work? I’m looking to find and follow other makerspace, Design Thinking, coding, innovative, and inspirational educators.

I have seen students connect with an authentic audience when they blog as a part of the Global Read Aloud this year our elementary students used Write About as their blogging platform. It is a paid service, but I think it offers tools for the younger blogger that make it invaluable.

Your post has really challenged me to think differently about asking students to blog. Its also causing me to reflect a little on how and why I as an educator blog.

Thank you.