Why does Imzy have pizza parties?

I have an obsession with sharing a moment in time with people. I have a feeling that most people’s best memories are ones that they have shared with other people. It’s actually the reason we’ve started Imzy. The point isn’t just to create a site where people congregate and share interests, theres plenty of other sites that do this. The point is to gather like minded people and do stuff together (we’re getting there, you’ll see in the coming months).

When I was a kid, especially in school, there was this pattern that the teachers used to motivate and keep morale up, it went roughly like this:

  1. Come together as a group
  2. Accomplish something as a group (or community)
  3. Share a moment together, eating pizza and drinking soda and appreciate the work we just did.

It was such a fantastic time, we anticipated it, it seemed magical. That 30 minutes eating pizza gave you time to learn something new about your community, to learn how people are when they’re happy! When they’re fulfilled!

We as a community need to have more pizza parties. I want to help you do that … you know, metaphorically. But to start with, let’s just do it literally!

If you want to join Imzy, request an invitation here, we have a pizza party going on RIGHT NOW!

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