Smarter Cities and New technologies take on the pandemic state of emergency and the future of improving people’s health

3 min readApr 30, 2020


During recent coronavirus times we look towards innovation to find solutions to emerging issues. Some KICKSTART Alumni have developed diverse smart city technologies to help in the state of emergency and improve human health.

The Swiss based AI startup Antavi is working with canton Vaud on aggregating crucial statistics across the board ranging from hospitals, public security teams, funeral institutes, to supply chains. Their platform collects more than 320 parameters from 98 locations, which are continuously collected and monitored 24/7. An API-based platform allows quick extension to case-specific tactical dashboards as for the Covid-19 crisis.

Antavi’s mobile application

Current researchers look into the connection between air pollution in large cities and Covid-19 victim rates. If this turns out to be the case it needs to be urgently addressed earlier than 2030’s SDGs goal. There is already a developed air quality monitoring system provided by Breeze Technologies designed to be an attractive and affordable solution also available for smaller cities. The German startup has created the densest network for monitoring air quality in the city of Hamburg. The environmental data is analyzed in real time and is available to the public. The project is supported by Microsoft’s “AI for Earth” program.

Breeze Technologies

Clean indoor air could also be very beneficial for the human health and good immune system. The startup Oxygen at Work, suggests we surround ourselves with plants for good productivity and well-being during this home office period. Not only do they have the function to filter particulate matter and dust from the air, but also have the ability to retain humidity through transpiration.

Oxygen at Work

According to a study by Casanova et al 2010, coronavirus was deactivated faster when exposed to a mid-range humidity (50%RH), rather than dry (20%RH) or damp (80%RH) air. Oxygen at Work improves working conditions by improving indoor air quality. They analyze data and use an algorithm to calculate the best plants for a specific location.

Looking at the current challenges facing our society on all levels of technological development, we look forward to meeting new startups and scaleups working on disruptive solutions in Smart City & Technology focus area and invite them to apply for KICKSTART 2020. Regardless of the uncertain times, KICKSTART continues bringing partnerships between later-stage startups and local and international market players. Do not miss the opportunity for your startup to apply for the program and grow your business in Switzerland.

Author: Zlatina Paneva-Aboud, Program Manager with focus on Smart City & Technolgy vertical at KICKSTART




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